Welcome to the magical digital world! 

Who are we? Rightly those who evolved from prime apes to full grown homo sapiens trying to fit in this almost perfect yet crazily wrecked world. We have been crawling and running and moving forward from red letter boxes down the lane to red notification badges on our applications. Ever wondered how life has changed and how technology has been driving us through? 

Isn’t it crazy how precisely your smart phone wakes you up in the morning exactly at the time you fed in, without missing a nanosecond or how Facebook gives you the update about whose birthday it is. Or, how easily you can send a text or a voice note to your loved one who is miles away from you. Or, how these applications have been driving us through the thick and thin of life. Isn’t it funny that we have become slaves to the 5 inch sleek and beautiful device, that actually works on our fingers! 

No, I am not against the fact that technology has become the master force driving our lives but it’s just appallingly true that we have become slaves to this magical digital world. Probably I’d go hungry without zomato or get lost without Google Maps. I’m not sure if it’s all for the good or not, because the best is yet to come. 

So has technology over powered  our lives? Well actually it’s not technology shaping the taste of our culture and our lives but it’s the human desire to connect, share and transform thats making all the difference.